Photochemistry and Spectroscopy Department

Institute of Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences

HARMONIA highlights


1. Finding the correlation between the strength of intramolecular hydrogen bond and photophysical parameters
molecules. Demonstrating that the quantum effect - delocalization of internal protons in porphycenes - porphyrin isomers -
leads to rapid non-radiative deactivation of the lowest singlet excited state (Listkowski et al., 2021)

2. Detection of unusual tautomeric forms in fluoroporphycene (Listkowski et al., 2020) and oxahemiporphycene (Jaekel et al., 2023)

3. Investigation of the tautomerization process at the level of individual hemiporphycene molecules and showing that this reaction is
significantly slowed down by placing the molecule in a polymer matrix (Kim et al., 2018)

4. Observation of the tautomerization process in single molecules of oxahemiporphycene (Jaekel et al., 2023)

5. Synthesis of a new class of porphycene derivatives - fluoroporphycenes and their structural characteristics,
spectral, photophysical and electrochemical (Listkowski et al., 2020)

6. Specifying the oscillatory characteristics of the parent hemiporphycene and detecting the photoinduced conversion of the tautomer
trans1 to the energetically higher form, trans2 (Gorski et al., 2020)

7. Observation of a rare effect - correlation between the structure of the so-called sites in the S1 and S2 states of a particle
porphycene placed in cryogenic environments (Gil et al., 2019)

8. Application of the tautomerization process to estimate the intensity of the electromagnetic field in the nanoscale (Böckmann et al., 2019)


9. New method for calibration of excitation beam in a spectrofluorimeter (Nawara and Waluk, 2020)


10. Determination of photoinduced and ground state conversions in a cyclic beta-thioxoketone  (Pietrzak et al., 2022)


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