Photochemistry and Spectroscopy Department

Institute of Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences


This computer-controlled, pump-and-probe type instrument is a versatile tool for laser flash spectroscopy. A nitrogen laser (pulse energy 1 mJ, temporal pulse width 1 ns (FWHM) is used both to excite the sample and to pump a tunable dye laser used as a source of monitoring light.

The apparatus allows for two basic operation modes:
1.      kinetic measurement at fixed wavelength of the monitoring light: due to unique optical delay line concept applied in the spectrophotometer,
temporal evolution of transient absorption within the time range from 2 ns before the excitation to 100 ns after the excitation with 1 ns time-resolution may be observed

2.      spectral measurement at fixed delay time: transient absorption spectrum can be measured in the spectral range 380 - 800 nm (at any delay time varying from –-2 ns to 100 ns)