Photochemistry and Spectroscopy Department

Institute of Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences


April 2024: Ewa Czechowska started her postdoc on Graphene biosensors and biophysics.    


January 2024: Maja Pszona defended cum laude her PhD thesis:  Single molecule surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy of porphycene and its derivatives. Congratulations! 


January 2024: Daria Larowska-Zarych started her postdoc on Chemistry and photochemistry in photonic cavities.


November 2023: Ila has joined as postdoc in the grant: Chemistry and photochemistry in photonic cavities.


March 2023: Agnieszka Kamińska became full professor. Congratulations!


May 2021: Wassie Mersha Takele defende his PhD thesis: Molecular Properties in an Optical Microcavity: From Ensembles to Single Molecules. Congratulations, Wassie!


September 2020: Pakorn Pasitsuparoad defended his PhD thesis: Photo-induced electron transfer reactions in liquid crystals. Congratulations, Pakorn!


August 2020: Krzysztof Górski defended cum laude his PhD thesis: Synthesis and physicochemical properties of mono and diheterotruxenes derivatives. Congratulations, Krzysztof!


Professor Krystyna Rotkiewicz, a long time worker at our Department, passed away on December 21, 2019. Memories of her can be found here: in Polish or in English.


December 2019: Natalia Masiera defended cum laude her PhD thesis: Porphycenes in photodynamic therapy of cancer cells and photodynamic inactivation of bacteria. Congratulations, Natalia!


October 2019: Welcome to new PhD students! Karolina Zielonka will be working on DNA origami-based single molecular sensors. Ganesan Elavenil will study photochemistry of astrochemically relevant molecules. Amirsalari Abdolvahab's thesis will focus on single molecule SERS imaging. Sharat Devadas will be making new ultraphotostable fluorophores. Good luck!


March 2019: Idaresit Mbakara joined Group 29 to start the PhD. She will be studying photostability, spectroscopy, and tautomerism in porphycene derivatives.


January 2019: Jakub Ostapko defended cum laude his PhD thesis: Synthesis, spectroscopy, and photophysics of hemiporphycene and its oxygen-containing analogues. Congratulations, Kuba!


January 2019: A new research team (Group 1), headed by Agnieszka Kamińska, formally started the independent research activity, focussed on plasmonic nanostructures for biospectroscopic analyses.


December 2018: Another achievement of Łukasz Piątkowski: EMBO (European Molecular Biology Organization) installation grant. Łukasz will be studying the role of hydration in cell membrane organization at the Poznań University of Technology.


November 2018: A second OPUS grant this year for Sylwester Gawinkowski. The research will focus on SERS angular directionality inmaging.


October 2018: Anastasiia Kharchenko joined the Department as a postdoc. She will be working on the spectroscopy and photophysics of porphyrin isomers.


August 2018: Łukasz Piątkowski obtained the FIRST TEAM grant from the Foundation for Polish Science. Łukasz will be setting up his research team at the Poznań University of Technology.


May 2018: Sylwester Gawinkowski has returned to the Institute after postdoctoral stay in Barcelona. He will be working in the Laser Centre. Sylwester just obtained an OPUS grant for developing utrafast stimulated Raman spectroscopy using optical nanoantennas.


May 2018: Another success of Evelin Witkowska: she became laureate of the START program from the Foundation for Polish Science. In other words, she joined an elite of 100 most talented young researchers!


April 2018: Evelin Witkowska defended cum laude her PhD thesis: Surface - enhanced Raman spectroscopy as a tool for efficient detection and differentiation of pathogenic bacteria and fungi. Congratulations to Evelin and her supervisor, Agnieszka Kamińska!


March 2018: Izabela Kamińska has obtained a HOMING grant from the Foundation for Polish Science. She will be studying DNA origami-based optical sensors for single biomolecules.


January 2018: Izabela Kamińska joined Group 29 as a postdoc. After defending her PhD in 2014, Iza spent two years in Toruń and two in Braunschweig, working on single molecules and molecular origami. She will now use her expertise to study photostability of single chromophores.


December 2017: Agnieszka Kamińska obtained a grant from the Foundation of Polish Science: Team-Tech competition, project: Future diagnostic RaMan devIce (FORMI) for detection of medical and environmental pathogenic bacteria.


December 2017: Łukasz Piątkowski obtained a prestigious award of the Minister of Science and Higher Education.